As with any hazardous material sampling, the process of sampling a material for lead content is best performed by professionals who have training in how to safely and effectively survey an area for lead based or containing materials. Samples for lead testing can include paint chips, soil and wastewater or any other materials which may contain lead. General sample requirements are as follows;

• Paint chip samples must be at least 2.0g (substrate such as drywall, brick, metal or wood are not included in the test and will not contribute to sample weight)

• Air samples must be taken using appropriate cassettes

• Wipe samples should be taken using ASTM E1792 compliant wipes

• Wastewater samples must be at least 1L in an appropriate sealed container

• Samples for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure must be at least 100g and should include substrate.


When submitting samples for lead testing please ensure the following;

• All samples are in sealed in separate bags, free from any debris outside of the sealed bag (i.e. no dust or materials outside the bag)

• The batch of samples is bundled together in such a way that the no samples are opened if the package is shaken lightly (eg. The sample batch is placed in a larger sealed bag)

• A completed Chain Of Custody (COC) form is securely attached to the sample batch.

The COC for submission of samples for lead content determination can be found on our forms page, as well as at the link below.

Determination of Lead Content Chain of Custody Fillable Form