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Bulk materials asbestos analysis refers to the visual examination of building materials for asbestos. Building material samples include things like drywall joint compound, stucco, texture coat (popcorn ceiling) and flooring, as well as many others. Sarcova is proud to offer our Accredited bulk asbestos analysis services to both private and public clients. Please call for more information about pricing and turn-around times.


Airborne asbestos analysis is the process of collecting samples from the air in a space where asbestos remediation or contamination has occurred. Air samples are collected with pumps and cassettes and analyzed using a phase contrast microscope. Collection of airborne asbestos samples is best performed by qualified specialists and should not be attempted by the general public. Please contact us for more information about our airborne asbestos analysis services.


There are a number of materials which can be submitted for lead testing including paint, soil, wastewater and dust wipes. The lead content in the air can also be estimated using special air sampling cassettes. Sarcova offers a number of lead testing methods such as EPA SW846-7000B, NIOSH 7082 and EPA SW846 1311-7000B. At this time all analyses are performed on a Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (FAAS) allowing determinations down to 0.1 ppm in the analysis solution.


While molds and fungi are a natural part of the world-wide ecosystem they can cause issues when invading a residence or other property. Mold samples are collected in a number of different ways depending on the information you are looking for. Samples of airborne mold spores can provide information about mold colonies which have become large and healthy enough to sporulate, whereas bulk samples, tape lifts and swabs can provide information about a specific colony. Sarcova offers mold testing for both culturable and non-culturable samples to provide a full and complete determination of the fungi invading the site.


Designing and executing and experiment can be a harrowing process, whether the experiment is intended to validate a product idea or intended to further optimize an existing system. Sarcova is proud to bring a wealth of experience in both the design and execution of scientific endeavors by providing either consulting services on existing projects, or full design service to flesh out an idea that has not broken into the prototype stage. Contact us for more information about how we can bring your idea to life.